Binding for a hand printed book entitled ‘Water’. Winner of one of the sterling silver bone folder awards in the Designer Bookbinder’s international competition 2008.

The book consists of a selection of poems on the theme of water in various languages and is illustrated with hand made prints by a variety of artists. I based my theme on the idea of water as a bringer of renewed life. The concept is of dried out mud containing dormant seeds. A water splash, created in sterling silver, is bolted to the book using a silver screw with a moonstone (water drip) head which appears inside the front cover. As the wetness from the splash permeates the back cover it brings a spurt of new growth (Eve’s seeds) for which a packet of wild flower seeds was grown to draw. One golden seedling (made of brass and gold plated)  swings towards the water source, clicks into place inside it using a spring loaded catch and becomes a clasp for the book. Roots appear inside the back cover.

1. The binding contained inside it’s protective box. The ‘mud’ platelets are made from calfskin. Title on the spine of the book is in Palladium in matching typestyle to the book.

2. Detail showing the germinating seeds on the back cover and the sprouting golden seeding used as a catch. The hand-made sprung mechanism can be seen which this clicks into. Also shown is silver deckle on the edges of the paper giving the appearance of sparking water. Embossed calfskin with onlaid decoration.

3. Detail of sterling silver water splash (Rhodium plated to prevent tarnish).

4. Detail of the roundel of germinating seeds onlaid in various leathers.

5. Two details from the inside of front and back covers.

Designer Bookbinders International competition 2008, ‘Water’.

Below right, presentation ceremony presented with siver folder by Mark Getty (Getty Images). Left, afterwards with Mark Getty. Bottom, silver replica bone folder.